Can I file my own bankruptcy?

Yes, you can.  It is common for a client to ask if they could have filed their own bankruptcy case. But let me relate a story to you to give you some insight into the process.

A gentleman filed his own bankruptcy case. I’m sure he tried to fill out the paperwork to the best of his ability but it’s hard if you’re not familiar with the paperwork. There’s a particular form that requires you to pick the appropriate Kansas statute and apply it towards your property so that your property is exempted (protected) from your creditors. For whatever reason, this guy left that page blank. When it came time for his required meeting with his Trustee, the first thing the Trustee asked was, “When can I bring the U-Haul truck over?” The guy was confused by the question and his face looked like a deer in headlights. By not filling out that page, he had left his house, car and household goods unprotected. The Trustee was ready to come over with a U-Haul and empty out his house! Fortunately, the Trustee was joking with the guy. The Trustee continued his hearing to another date and told the guy he needed to go find an attorney.

You can file your own bankruptcy case but understand that filing your own case comes with some risk.