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Helenna Bird – Bankruptcy Attorney – Wichita, KS

Are creditors harassing you? Are you about to lose your house or your car? Is your income being garnished? If you’re in need of a bankruptcy attorney in Wichita, KS the Law Office of Helenna Bird can help.

Real people just like you face financial challenges every day. Sometimes these challenges become too great and debt spirals out of control.

Here are just a few reasons why an individual or business might need to file for bankruptcy:

  • Medical Bills – A recent study by Harvard University showed that 62% of all personal bankruptcies are filed because of medical bills. An illness or injury can easily result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
  • Job loss – Unexpected job loss, lack of severance, and limited job opportunities can be financially devastating. Going without income for an extended period of time can lead to a reliance on credit cards for day to day needs.
  • Divorce – Marriage dissolution can be costly to both parties and usually results in loss of income and resources. The mental and financial strain, combined with separation of assets and debt can be very expensive.
  • Excess credit card debt – Sometimes the credit cards seem to grow feet and run off charging up debt wherever they go. When you get your statement at the end of the month, your surprise quickly turns to heartburn as you ponder how you will pay the minimum payment.
  • Unexpected expenses – Everyone has experienced this. It could be a car accident. It could be a sudden illness. It could be your hot water heater bursting and flooding your basement. It could be your air conditioning quitting in the middle of August. You may have been managing your debt but something unexpected happens and it could tip you over the edge.

It can be scary to face mounting debt, but don’t wait and let the debts pile up even further. If you need a bankruptcy attorney in Wichita, KS, or the surrounding areas, call Helenna Bird today.

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